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Enhanced user experience with capabilities to grow sales, lead captures , and deliver great customer service. The all-in-one Conversational Commerce Platform that grows with your business.

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Transforming The Conversational Commerce Experience With A Patented Conversational Artificial Intelligence Technology

The Artificial Intelligence(AI) Revolution is here and is playing a critical role in nearly every industry around the globe. Inteladesk is a 'Live Artificial Intelligent Virtual Agent" automated engagement website visitor management system that complements any insight-driven / sales acceleration / customer response business for their specific domain, allowing Inteladesk to essentially drive a personalized sales experience for your website.

It helps companies perfect their knowledge base by explaining misstep queries or missed opportunities to improve FAQs. Using the same instruction manuals, such as call center operators, Inteladesk can be deployed quickly and efficiently. This revolutionary technology learns as it works and it consistently provides high-quality responses, in whatever language your customers speak.

Are You Ready To Put Inteladesk To Work For You?

Customer Engagement

Inteladesk is a virtual live agent that understands what people ask and even what people feel when they call for service.

Natural Conversations

A conversational solution that offers human-like interactions that can comprehend queries without relying on scripted and structured language dialog.

Contextual Understanding

It understands what users are trying to convey based on multiple factors other systems simply don’t have the capacity to.

Language Independent

A core technology is smart enough to infer language rules directly from your application data, so applications can be developed and deployed in any language, or any number of languages for the same application.

Constantly Learning

The system maps real processes in action, beyond how management believes their system is working. It can map new processes based on need and efficiency.

Problem Solving

By proactively applying logic to knowledge Inteladesk is able to converse with users, pinpoint the precise nature of a challenge or need,

A Conversational Technology Platform That Understands Your Customers



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