How to Build Human and Virtual Agent Compatibility?

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The A.I. implemented in a CRM program could help the human agents excel in both ingenuity and productivity

Artificial intelligence as it is being integrated into the business world particularly in the customer service setting is creating waves of excitement along with apprehension. It is a technology that is moving so quickly that it is creating a fear of the unknown. What is becoming recognized and helping to quell these fears is that AI in this form can complement the skills and ingenuity of a human who will utilize it with an open mind. A good example of this is in the chatbot arena, and implementing these into the customer service sector of a business.

Viewing the chat bot as a powerful tool

While some may perceive the implementation of a virtual agent as a replacement to the human assistant it should not be looked at in this manner. Instead the virtual chatbot can be recognized as the most exciting and advanced tool that a human resource agent can use to enhance their own performance.

A prime example of how a conversational system can partner up with the live agent is through the virtual customer response management program (CRM) offered by Inteladesk. In order to understand the value of a program such as this it means taking a closer look at what a live chat agent is faced with in regards to their job performance.

A live chat agent has to….

  • Have the answers to all the questions they will be faced with at each customer interaction.
  • They have to be able to expand upon their answers providing solutions if necessary.
  • The live agent has to be able to trouble shoot.
  • These agents have to deal with the characteristics of each client such as their ability to express themselves or comprehend the answers the live agent gives them.
  • Customers often become frustrated and irritated and the live agent has to deal with these issues.
  • Time management and performance often creates a stressful work environment for the live agents due to the volume and nature of the calls.

AI customer response management

How does a AI customer response management program deal with all of this?

With a CRM system like the one Inteladesk is offering it means that it is operating on a system called SILVIA that far supersedes the programming technology that the average virtual chat agent utilizes. SILVIA has the ability to learn from every human interaction, does not rely merely on pre entered data, and is able to carry out an intelligent conversation with the clients. The way that SILVIA is able to absorb information and data is what makes the program different, and allows it to meet all of the responsibilities as outlined for a live chat agent and more.

The live chat agent and the virtual chat agent interaction

The virtual agent has the ability to be integrated into the company setting to work in a partnership with the human agent on any level that best suits the business needs. It may be that the Inteladesk CRM system will be utilized to handle the large volume of the standard inquiries, which will allow the live agent to focus more on trouble shooting and finding solutions to more difficult problems.

Then it may be that this CRM chatbot program can totally take over the customer interaction while the live agent focuses more on the large amount of data that a chatbot built on the SILVIA program will create. In many cases this data can be used by the live agent to scale up the performance of the customer service department in ways that just were not humanly possible before this, without having to hire more personnel. This focus on the data collection is where the human agent really gets to shine with their ingenuity as a result of using the chatbot as a resource.

Live Chat


A chatbot of these calibers has the ability to remove the stress levels that are so commonly found throughout the customer service department. When this happens it creates a much higher level of performance on behalf of the live agent, which in turn reduces their job frustrations allowing them to be more engaged with the growth and success of the company.

Author: Dan O'Shea

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