Chatbots & Customer Experience – Why You Need to Use Chatbots

The Future of Chatbots in Customer Experience
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We hear a lot about chabots these days. “It is technology that is inevitable”, were the very words of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. But is it really? Why is everyone obsessed with bots?

Chatbots have been around for quite some time helping people in various ways. They are not humans, but they are able to anticipate your dreams. Companies that are looking to improve the experience of their customers will find this tool very useful. Most importantly, there is need for companies to seek the services of renowned service providers such as Inteladesk.


An Artificial Intelligence Chatbot is specially designed to automate tasks done by people on their own, such as scheduling appointments and making dinner reservations. In most cases, it acts as an intelligent virtual agent, while constantly learning in the process. People have already been treated to chatbots in the forms of integrated assistants, such as Siri and Cortana, and software, such as SmarterChild. Soon, Automated Chat Sales Associates might become something bigger.

Many companies have continued to set aside money for services improvement. They are now turning to Interactive Conversational Assistants in order to bridge the gap that exists between users and machines.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, this year’s F8 conference will focus primarily on bots. This aims at converting Facebook Messenger into a business channel that is in a position to improve customers’ relationships rather than just a messaging app.

messenger Service providers are always looking to come up with a Lifelike Animated Character that is capable of providing help to customers without the intervention of an external source. The goal is to create something that will ease the life of customers. Take for example Inteladesk, a service provider that will enhance your user experience with abilities that allow for sales growth, leads capture and most importantly, delivering great customer service. It allows users to speak to a live agent. You can easily ask questions and receive answers instantly.

A virtual agent understands the feeling of people and, most importantly, what people ask whenever they make calls for service. The solutions provided are human-like and answers are provided without relying on structured and scripted language dialogs.


This service provider is capable of minimizing customer service calls and emails. Its team works 24/7 to provide an enriching customer response service that wasn’t financially or possible in the past. This provides the employees with an opportunity to come up with new ways that can enrich customer service.

bots customerIt will provide your business with an online virtual agent who is capable of conducting two-way natural online conversations with the necessary leads. This increases the rate of website visitor engagement significantly. Each individual visitor meets a virtual agent persona that has been specially branded, bringing the process of engagement to life. The visitors can ask any questions and they will be provided with human-like emotions and responses. This human-like exchange will make most visitors assume that the persona is human. This type of interaction automates sales push and leads engagement interactions processes.

A Virtual Call Centre Agent is in a position to learn and consistently provide responses of high quality. No matter the language spoken by your customers or the time of the year, solutions provided by Inteladesk will come in handy. It has completely changed the earlier ‘point and clicks’ form of web navigation to voice or semantic. This has completely changed the traditional sales and capture and the customer experience in general.

Its applications are extensive thanks to its automated virtual agent, instantaneous learning and the ability to solve real time problems seamlessly in various languages is possible. The technology is capable of facilitating forward thinking visionaries as well as organizations so that it can accomplish colossal tasks fast.

Whether the needs of your business involve venturing into foreign markets that previously seemed complex, venturing into new markets and stay ahead of the competition or simply taking full control of your elements of operations, you will need the services of this provider.


The future of chatbots is very bright and your business requires the services of a professional who is up-to-date with the trends in artificial intelligence chatbot in general.

Author: Dan O'Shea

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