Chatbots Leading the Way to Success for Commerce

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With the AI that is being utilized in Chatbots that can be utilized by commerce it is opening up to new and exciting possibilities

The world of bots has arrived and they come in many different forms. Some are so sophisticated that the end user may not even be aware at least at first that they are interacting with a bot, especially if it is in text form as opposed to conversational AI. Some commerce entities are now incorporating bots to help them carry out some of the responsibilities that a commerce company must perform.

Chatbot Technology

These are tasks such as issuing receipts, tacking of deliveries and implementing Chatbots to provide information to clients. These are all great time savers but what is yet to be realized is to what extent a chatbot with the right operating platform can actually provide that goes way beyond this basic uses.
With the chatbot technology moving at such a fast pace it is becoming a real challenge for any type of business and the general public as well to keep up with it. When one hears about these types of services that are currently being offered by commerce many don’t realize that there is already AI in place that far supersedes this.

A good example is the CRM (customer response management) system that is offered by Inteladesk. This system is incorporating the capabilities of the SILVIA AI system that makes many of the standard chatbot systems in place today appear obsolete.

What can a CRM system like this do for Commerce?

CRM System

The Inteladesk CRM system can answer the questions that are received by a commerce business on a daily basis. It can let a client know where their order is, or why it hasn’t been delivered. It can answer any question that a live chat agent may be required to do. This can mean that personnel that were once responsible for answering queries can now devote their time to attending to more services, that with expand the level of customer service.

This virtual assistant has the ability to carry on a two way conversation. It has the ability to upsell in a natural way with the human characteristics that it is able to possess.

The Inteladesk virtual agent is multi-lingual, so language barriers don’t exist. This means that commerce businesses can extend their offering to regions and countries that they may not have been able to approach in the past simply because of language incompatibility.

Receptiveness of Chatbots in Commerce Settings

Chatbots in Commerce Settings

Commerce customers are becoming receptive to the conveniences that standard bots and apps are providing now by way of direct messaging for receipts and deliveries. Getting them to respond to what a CRM system that is based on what SILVIA is capable of is not going to be a problem It opens up many opportunities for increasing the productivity and profitability of a commerce entity with technology that is flawless.

SILVIA is a program that has been designed with a very different approach than what the standard bots of today are. When implemented into a chatbot program that can be used as CRM it has the capability of allowing a commerce site to not only escalate the customer experience, but grow and expand into areas where it may not have considered when setting the goals and objectives for the company.

A good example of how a CRM system such as this can be beneficial would be would be in the ecommerce industry. When a customer has a query about a product that would be suitable for them a live chat agent has to depend on their knowledge and memory to meet the query. The agent may be able to recall some of the solutions to the client’s query but not all of them. A virtual assistant operating off the SILVIA platform would have the ability of utilizing total recall based on the IA it possesses, and would be able to provide all of the options that would meet the query requirements. The end result would be a very satisfied customer who is now able to make an informed purchase.

A CRM such as this can be used in the commerce setting for lead capturing that is far more advanced than what the old technology provides for which are now considered as traditional methods.

Author: Dan O'Shea

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