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Now that the AI (Artificial Intelligence) upheaval is with us and has managed to take up a substantial role in almost all industries globally, there has been some significant advancement in terms of virtual assistance. For instance, inteladesk is using the virtual assistant website, which is a visitor management system that ensures your website gives your clients a personalized and unforgettable sales experience.

Alexa, who is a virtual assistant, gives high-quality replies to questions as quick as any human would. To some extent it seems way better compared to other virtual assistants, especially when it comes to replying to language that is not accurate. For instance, it comprehends the command ‘shut up’ without taking any offence whatsoever, to mean the revolutionary technology used in its design is of similar nature to that used by inteladesk.

Apparently this virtual agent can answer your question while in a relatively noisy room. If puzzled, Alexa will either admit that it doesn’t know the appropriate way to reply to your question or may politely request a repeat of the question if it didn’t get you clearly.

Currently, there is nothing new with the virtual digital assistants since they have been there for quite some time. Siri, for the iPhone, and the Android’s nameless assistant have continuously placed phone calls and givenresponse to most of its client’s spoken command for quite some time now.

Exceptional Human Assistants

Similar to exceptional human assistants, the likes of Alexa have a chance to quickly adopt and learn new skills. Actually, the last count noted that Alexa had over 1,400 skills, considering it had an initial of 100 skills at its start.

Increase in High-tech Helpers

Amazon has taken quite a long head start from Alexa in the race of bringing personal assistance closer to home. However, competition is closely approaching from Google and more likely to hear from Apple soon.

Promotion of the talking speaker by Google has already commenced. The talking speaker, which is referred to as Google Home, is due by the closure of this year. According to Centurysoft Google will feature a Google Assistant that is smarter, a version that is more conversational than the one available to the users of android Smartphone’s.

There hasn’t been any announcement by apple concerning its talking speaker, however it has plans for the operating system for iOS 10, which is due this fall, and will incorporate a more conversational and smarter Siri. The assistant will be free from iPhone in order to work on the Apple gadgets i.e. Apple laptops and televisions.

The good thing about it is that you will be in a better position to use Siri in adjusting or turning the lights on, even other appliances, with the help of a new and advanced mobile app referred to as Home. You can converse with the home speaker that partially bears a resemblance to a huge air freshener and Google assistant that delivers stock quotes, weather reports and other information collected from apps and web searches. The apps and web searches are linked to the Google account, which includes the places you visited while using your Google map.

Android Smartphone

The virtual assistant will perfectly work together with an android smartphone. In respect to Google, if you asked the speaker to give you directions to a particular airport or railway station, it won’t just answer you verbally but will queue its directions on top of the Google map application on your device.


Customer service is getting better by the day. While the customer feel appreciated and intrigued by the response they get, your business continues to experience an increase in sales volume as it simultaneously saves on time. If you are bent on getting the best user experience for your clients, you need to identify a service provider that has the relevant experience and knowledge in this industry.

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