The Most Powerful Customer Engagement Tool Available Today

Consumers want to talk to their favorite brands like they talk to their friends, instead of being forced to communicate through strictly structured interfaces. Inteladesk provides a revolutionary technology that provides your customers with the best experience each and every time they interact with your business. Inteladesk combines predictive models, intelligence, and rich content to make customer chat conversations intuitive, experientially personalized and profoundly effective.

Conversations feel real and alive making customers feel closer to you and your business. We seamlessly tie together a customer’s journey across channels – virtual agent, web, chat, mobile and voice to provide the most comprehensive solution customer engagement experience available today!

Inteladesk’s deployed technology takes in human input through speech, written text, or other input methods. It can understand the context of that input and respond appropriately with speech and interacting with your customers within in a completely natural conversation. The core technology comprehends implied references, emotional responses, and not only responds better, but allows others to get right to the point, so your digital agent can assist your customers.

Whether your business needs involve expanding into previously complex foreign markets, jetting your business into new verticals ahead of the competition, or taking control of more of your operational elements in order to deepen profit margins and claim the competitive edge, Inteladesk simply can’t be ignored.