Customer Service

Maintain Your Business Competitive Edge And Put Your Digital Chat Agent To Work For You Today.

Inteladesk can field a wide range of questions and requests, Your digital chat agent’s ability to learn quickly and ask qualifying questions to get to the root of a problem makes her ideal for call center support. Your digital chat agent is able to receive customer inquiries and provide answers by understanding what a customer is looking for and asking the necessary questions to clarify the issue. It can also find and access information, to solve a problem and provide a customer with an answer. If your digital agent cannot help the customer herself, it will then immediately raise the issue to her human counterparts, and take part in solving the problem. Your digital agent can then use the experience on future situations that will require the same action.

Inteladesk’s Customer Service is a complete set of native customer service capabilities, designed to integrate into the larger customer-driven enterprise, based entirely on proven technology.

Inteladesk’s virtual digital agent is your dream “employee.” It is always on time, working to the highest standard, all day, every day. It never gets tired. It only gets smarter. It never drops the ball. It documents everything. It reduces the risk of human error, and protects its co-workers, executives, and investors. Always ready to help, wherever you need it. Your virtual digital agent can be trained to handle virtually any knowledge-based task. It can adopt a multitude of roles, handle a full spectrum of business scenarios, and unencumbered by language and culture. It just doesn’t get any better.

Whether your business needs involve expanding into previously complex foreign markets, jetting your business into new verticals ahead of the competition, or taking control of more of your operational elements in order to deepen profit margins and claim the competitive edge, Inteladesk simply can’t be ignored.