Cognitive Code

Inteladesk’s Core Technology – Powered By Intelligence

Inteladesk’s Conversational Commerce system is powered by Cognitive Code’s SILVIA Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. The brainchild of Leslie Spring. SILVIA is a conversational agent platform that interprets speech, text or other input, while interacting with appropriate applications or operating systems, all the while interacting with the user.

SILVIA is actually an acronym that stands for “symbolically isolated, linguistically variable, intelligence algorithm.” That’s quite a mouthful for sure, so let’s break it down. “Symbolically isolated,” refers to the unique method SILIVA uses to process language input. SILVIA doesn’t work in the same way as chatbots built with AIML (Artificial Intelligence Mark-Up Language). The AIML runtime platform takes words as input, matches these words to patterns in the chatbot’s database, and issues predefined phrases as output. SILVIA takes words for input, but “she” transforms them into a mathematical language all her own. As speech or text enters her brain, her runtime system isolates those words into an intelligence core based on symbols and statistical relationships.

“Linguistically variable” refers to the fact that SILVIA isn’t tied to any one language. Because the SILVIA brain thinks in terms of mathematical units, SILVIA is a polyglot who can easily switch from one language to another without requiring special programming.

The “intelligence algorithm” part of SILVIA’s name refers back to the statistical runtime of the platform. Because SILVIA doesn’t rely solely on simplistic pattern matching, “she” is able to conceptualize meaning from input and dynamically generate new output. With the ability to connect concepts and ideas, SILVIA can engage in something akin to a real conversation. She’s also easier to “train” than a normal chatbot, because you’re not required to pre-populate her database with every possible question and answer. You also don’t have to account for misspellings or different ways of asking the same question. SILVIA’s flexible intelligence core can sort those things out automatically.

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