Changing The Face Of Enterprise Businesses – Transforming Transactional Management Experience.

Much like industrial machines transformed agriculture and manufacturing, cognitive technologies will drive the next evolution of the global workforce. Their impact in the workforce will be felt globally and at a more accelerated pace than any previous shifts in technology-led change. In order to compete in the digital economy, a company’s work force should include both human and virtual employees. Technologies like Inteladesk, are redefining traditional roles within the workforce. Your Virtual Digital Chat Agent functions as an extension of a company’s workforce, handling repetitive, often tedious yet necessary tasks, so that its human colleagues can shift their workload to focus on value creating activities that drive higher quality levels of productivity and service.

With Inteladesk at work, new processes have emerged as it helps companies introduce new service enriching processes and creating efficiencies not previously possible or financially feasible. In turn, employees can take on higher-level roles such as mining data to formulate new ways to enrich online conversational experiences.

The creativity and ingenuity of human talent is subdued by the mundane, repetitive, and uninspiring tasks that eat up 80% of daily lives. With cutting-edge technology that emulates the human brain, you can slice the cost of carrying out the 80%, and free up capital to re-invest in high-value functions. Allow your investment in human resources to release ideas that will lead to growth, rather than wasting human talent. Inteladesk guarantees financial efficiency by reducing operational expenses and maximizing human talents/resources. It drives higher customer satisfaction and productivity by allowing your team of human experts to focus on dealing with complex and high–value inquiries while Inteladesk absorbs the most repeatable parts of the process.

Inteladesk’s Conversational Commerce Platform serves a vast spectrum of Enterprise Business verticals. These industry verticals all share one simple trait in that they have an Internet website and they want to provide a better customer response experience to their customers with a revolutionary technology.

Here’s a brief list of the industries that we serve:

  • Large Internet SKU Database Businesses
  • Internet Businesses That Involve FAQ’s
  • Ecommerce
  • Banking
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Lead Capture Businesses
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Communications