We Started With A Simple Idea…Transforming Customer Response Management

When it comes to e-commerce, and commerce in general, artificial intelligence is poised to begin disrupting entire industries. In fact for many it has already begun. We started to recognize an interesting transition taking place; one that we believe will have massive implications on the traditional buyer/seller relationship.

As the needs of businesses change, so too must their technology- particularly as it relates to Customer Response Management (CRM) systems. Traditional CRM systems organize the sales process, but they do not accelerate it. Our business idea became pretty clear to us, we needed to develop a CRM tool deploying cutting edge artificial intelligence technology to increase the overall velocity of customer engagement, thus significantly shortening the sales cycle. It is no secret that increased customer engagement converts to higher sales rates and total revenues, we set out to make that process faster and more efficient.

That’s when our endeavor began in earnest to create Inteladesk. By partnering our years of omni-channel sales knowledge and capabilities with the leading artificial intelligence conversational platform, we saw Inteladesk as an opportunity to transform CRM systems enabling brands to engage with their potential customers by offering an innovative and transformative experience.

By introducing an intelligent virtual assistant capable of delivering automated customer service via a company’s website, all within a personalized conversational customer experience all companies could improve engagement. The development of a CRM platform has helped to transform brands and their ability to significantly improve their customer retention, massively increase their cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, enhance their overall customer loyalty relations, significantly improve their business profitability, and ultimately, change the CRM and business industry.

Whether your business needs assistance expanding into previously complex foreign markets, jetting your business into new verticals ahead of the competition, or taking more control of your operational elements to deepen profit margins and claim the competitive edge, Inteladesk simply can’t be ignored.